Lake Grande, the new condo Launch has stirred enthusiasm in buyers

Lake Grande Jurong West condo launch is a highly anticipated and long waited project. This is a new launch and is under the control of the developer, MCL for Lakeville and J Gateway. MCL is one of the property developers well-known and is now in Jurong production, in the Jurrong East and Lakeside following the JGateway, after first development.

MCL has been presenting amazing results in Jurong with their new project launches. This is apparent with J Gateway having sold on the day of Launch itself the LakeVille to 100%. Achieving the same best results is expected by people and this has stirred the enthusiasm of buyers leading to buying new condos.

The Lake Grande new condos are not bought for staying alone it is also purchased as an investment. The condos are favored to a great extent as it is adjacent to lot of amenities and offers the ultimate convenience of getting all that you need regularly, be it good food eateries or daily grocery stuffs.

This condominium is a new development that is adjacent to the upcoming Dulwich College International School and the Canada International School. These schools are one of the biggest attractions that are bringing more families to this area of Lake Grande. There are more students and teachers that are drawing families from various parts of the world to live in nearby condominiums or houses.

There are well-known primary and secondary schools, besides all the top notch facilities. The schools are River Valley High and Rulang, besides Jurong Junior College. The new launches location is strategically seated between 2 main Singapore universities, NUS and NTU. Likewise, for the benefit of the children here and as a point of edutainment, the old Science Center is going to be moved near the MRT Station beside Chinese Garden and this will be upgraded as the foremost advanced Science Center in the world.

City Gate Residences: The Beach Road Beauty in Singapore

The City Gate Residences is a mixed developmental structure comprising of three storeys of shopping and dining destinations with residential tower located on Beach Road, District 07, and Singapore. City Gate Residences offer you a state of the art metropolitan lifestyle along with a breathtaking views and great connectivity to any part of the city and beyond.

city gate residences the beach road beauty in singapore

The Developers:

This development is the brainchild of joint venture of two well-known franchises, namely the Fragrance Group and the World Class Land. These two are giant names in the Singapore real estate which sends out message of trust and have been committed to providing quality and affordable homes.

What it offers:

The luxurious development offers generous condominium facilities such as 24 hours high end security, multi utility rooms for rent, a club house, a multipurpose gym, kids playgrounds, swimming pool, BBQ-pits, outdoor fitness hub and any other luxury that a condo owner can imagine. Apart from all these the location and positioning of the iconic masterpiece offers you a magnificent view of the Kallang Basin. You can also see the Tanjong Rhu and Marina Bay District. Once completed, Citygate Singapore will come up with Sky Parks on 6th and 24th floors. You can use these amenities to enhance your lifestyle and spend quality time with family and friends.

What is for sale?

Before investing, you must know what’s on a platter for you so that you can take the best pick. The City Gate Residences unit comes in 7 varieties catering to the needs of various kinds of people. 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bedrooms Dual Key, 3 Bedrooms Dual Key, 1, 3 and 4 Bedrooms Penthouse. Under the commercial unit type you can buy property in the form of Shops, Restaurants, Food court, Supermarket. The future is here. Invest in a retail unit or buy the home of your dreams.

Reside in luxury at a High Park Condo in Singapore

The High Park condo depicts both the rich and glorious past of the country of Singapore as well highlights the amount of development and infrastructural growth which has consumed the lifestyle of Singapore. Thus it is a perfect combination where the good of the traditional life of Singapore is retained while the newly acquired abilities of the country are also portrayed through the condos of this place. It is surrounded with patches of green and lively pastures which makes it a perfect location to buy a home.

reside in luxury at a high park condo

What stands out?

Before making a buy it is human nature to ask what is so unique in this residential area and what should prompt you to buy a home here? The answer to your question is:


High Park condo @ Fernvale is the one of the most if not the optimum safe location for you. This means it is a great place to build a family and to have your children grows up. In a world full of atrocious crimes it is a duty of a parent to try to keep their child safe. In addition you owe it to yourself also to keep yourself in a place which is secure.


It will be hard to name a resource which will not be available in and around the high park condo. Yes this is true whether it is a grocery store, a mall, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, recreational locations, restaurants, you name it. Any thing which you desire you will find in negligible time here.


Everything comes with a price and so do the residential homes at high park but what is interesting to note is that the price range of these apartments are not very high. And this means that almost everyone can get a beautiful home in such a wonderful place.

How Elf makeup helps you to look gorgeous?

E.L.F which means Eyes Lips Face was founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004. It is a popular international cosmetics brand having its main branch at New York, United States. Elf is specialized in makeup, skin care and bath products. The main feature of elf products is that it presents high-quality with mineral-based content. It started with 13 beauty products, but now it is selling over 300 products in more than 14 countries. Elf makeup primarily includes lipstick, mascara, eye-liners, mascara, glosses, blushes, bronzers, moisturizers, scrubs, cleanser, fragrances and many more. One of the specialties of elf that attracts customers is the high quality products at low price.
Here are some elf makeup products which are most popular.

how elf makeup helps you to look gorgeous

Glitter primer

It is one of the coolest elf makeup products. Apart from normal eye shadow primer, glitter primer is a new one. It comes in different colours, and it is long lasting. You can use it have a trendy look. Moreover, it also comes in a very low price.It is also easy to wash off.

Lip exfoliator

It is used to rinse off chemicals and colours from lips. It is much better and faster than normal scrub. You just rub it on your lip, and then clean it out.

Baked eye shadow

It is a great product with a least price. It will give a higher definition of your eyes. There are not many colours, but they stand out perfect with respect to others.

Makeup Brush

The eye shadow brush, smudge brush, studio contour brush al helps to outline you makes up more precisely. They are inexpensive relative to others. Elf also has a daily brush cleaner, which also works out great.

HD Blush

A small pinch of it can make you look flawless all throughout the day.

Hot and Cold Water dispenser for all purposes

There are a number of water dispensers available in the market. The best of them are hot and cold water dispenser. They can provide you water depending upon the temperature you choose
Whether it may be office or home, a water dispenser is one of the most basic requirements for getting clean water for drinking. But if you are living in a place or your office is located in a place with extreme weather conditions, then manipulating the temperature of the water is of utmost importance. If you want it in your house, and you have a tight schedule then it might be tough to boil or cool the water.

hot and cold water dispenser for all purposes

The problems with normal dispensers

Boiling water in the winter months takes time and moreover, boiling the water may change the taste of the water which may make it ridiculous. On the other hand, cooling the water will also take a few minutes, which you may not have, if you are really having a tight schedule. In these situations, hot and cold water dispenser can be the best friend for you.

The advantages of them

These devices run on electricity and can either cool or warm the water up depending upon your requirements. These devices have two chambers and they carry hot or cold waters in each of them. The water is automatically drawn, filtered, and warmed or cooled depending upon the controlled temperature.


This is the biggest advantage, as you will never have to wait a long before collecting the water. The size of the water outlet is large enough to accommodate glass, as well as big bottles of water. These devices are made of metal, and thus, they can suit both homes and offices. So, if you are looking for a water dispenser, prefer purchasing a hot and cold water dispenser.

The exquisite amenities for the residents of The Vales

The residents of The Vales can experience some of the benefits like dining, entertainment and shopping at compass point that is situated near the Sengkang town center. There are a few alternative options available such as Rivervale plaza, Rivervale mall and the popular Seletar Mall. Another popular spot would be the Kopitiam square that is located very near to compass point. There is a market within a walkable distance of The Vale. The specialty of this market is that, it is the first modern Market that also has food center that can be found in Sengkang. There is also a provision of a 24 hour service market that also has a food court with local delights at very economical rates. All types of fresh products can be purchased at this market in Sengkang.

the exquisite amenities for the residents of the vales

Recreational activity for full day

Apart from these amenities, there are few other facilities that can grab the interest of all. There are plenty of recreational options near The Vales Sengkang EC. The Sengkang sculpture park and Riverside Park offer fresh greeneries, cycling track, promenade and variety of water activities and outdoor activities for the enjoyment of residents. Since these are called the executive condos, they offer a wide range of facilities that is no less than an executive level. The future residents are also able to experience tranquility and serene in the neighborhood and local parks.

The recreation center and Sengkang sports are next to Punggol that host plenty of sporting amenities which can be used by residents to the fullest. These recreation centers also organize various lifestyle activities that can let the residents to enjoy it a full day with their family to have nice boding. There are few popular Stations that offer frequent bus facility. The MRT station and the LRT station in Sengkang offer bus transportation to various locations. The Sengkang bus interchange offers bus facility to travel to various locations of Sengkang in Singapore.

How to enlarge your breast by using breast enhancement cream

There are some women in the society who are not happy with existing breasts. To become them different in the society, they try to enhance their breasts in any way. They always want bigger, fuller and noticeable boobs. Sadly, women could enlarge their bust in one way or another. So, breast enhancement cream may pique their interest.

how to enlarge your breast by using breast enhancement cream

Why you use breast enhancement cream

Women should use breast enhancement cream because they are safe and effective. With its use for few days you must find an improvement in your boobs. It is safe and has no side effects unlike the breast enhancement pills. It is less expensive compared to other breast enhancement treatments. While breast enhancement creams are no doubt superior, it is true that all creams do not show same result. The quality of breast enlargement creams varies from women to women and you may achieve a lackluster result with some of inferior breast enhancement products.

Pros and cons of breast enhancement cream

Use of this cream is considered to be a natural method to increase breast size. There is no surgery required and has no physical pain. Women who do not have any sensitive skin conditions, this cream is safe for them. This cream has no side effect as the cream contain natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, dandelion root etc. It is very easy to apply and also very cost effective. This cream has some cons also. It should be used for a long period to get best result. And this cream is not suitable for those who are below 18 years. Remember that use of this cream is harmful to those are pregnant or breast-feeding. Women who had breast cancer in the past definitely not use this cream. Lastly, at present the cream is in high demand because its cost is low compared to other enhancement products.

It’s all about the effect of Dragon Bane

One of the most crucial points of a MMORPG or for that matter any video game is effect that it creates. What actually accentuates this effect and contributes in making the fantastic world more real is something that one can look into in order to figure out what actually works. In case of Dragon Bane this has panned out very well and the setting of the game as more than million players suggest is very realistic.

its all about the effect of dragon bane

Now what helps in making a game a more realistic? Before addressing this question let us try and understand why this constant hankering for realism in the fantastic world. Dragon Bane deals with a world of dragons- something that is improbable in the modern day, if not impossible. Video game players love this world of fantasy that is weaved and want to lose themselves in it, at least while playing the game. People since time immemorial have always wanted to make their world of make believe as real as possible and it is this hankering that always drives us to want more and more perfection in the world of games as well.

Coming back to the first question, the answer can be postulated as graphics. A superior quality use of graphics is what helps in making the fantastic world more real. Dragon Bane makers were aware of this and this is precisely what they have done. Detailed and intricate, the carefully planned out and impeccable background setting adds to the fun of the game. It is as if one is really making his or her own way through a horde of dragons. In case of MMORPGs, the characters are also very important. Hence the Dragon Bane characters have also been designed in great graphic detail and of course with care.

This brush of realism, infused in the world of fantasy, with the help of use of superior graphic is what makes Dragon Bane a more desirable game.